your SmartHome perfectly visualized

fully customizable
for all languages
for all devices tv to mobile
2 themes
host it on your server
seamless integration with ioBroker
Open Source

In this article we describe how our minuVis-visualization works. At least you need:

For a quick start we developed a virtual server.

minuVis was developed in order to be able to operate

The installation of minuvis at ioBroker is much easier now.

from now version 2.0.0 of minuvis for ioBroker is available.

our YouTube Channel

YouTube Logo

For tutorials we have an own YouTube-Channel. Just have a look!

About us

minu kodu means my home in estonian and this is exactly the theme we want to describe here. Our smart home.

After we made our homes smart with ioBroker, the appropriate visualization without registration in any cloud was still missing.
We tried a lot, but either it was too complicated, too inflexible or we just didn't like it

That is why we have built our visualization minuVis and want to present it here.

In addition, as far as time permits, we also want to report on SmartHome news that we noticed.

the minukodu team