minuVis 2.0 for ioBroker available

by SVallant on 22.05.2021

from now version 2.0.0 of minuvis for ioBroker is available.

Information for upgrading your configuration you can find here: https://minukodu.de/en/news/update-minuvis-v1-v2

  • Release V2.0.0

improvements to version 1:

  • new 18-columns-grid
  • selectabel border for grid
  • no adaption to the screen width; there may now be several configurations (e.g. for smartphone and tablet)
  • title and title icon omitted, can be used with headline widget
  • Import function of V1 configurations
  • new map widget to accommodate other widgets
  • zoom factor for switch widget
  • new imgbutton widgets (taster with picture as background)
  • new design of the donut widget
  • new datetime widget (also possible as an analog clock)
  • new textInput widget
  • new banner (display of information on every page)
  • global themes: dark and light designs are integrated; simple option possible
  • imgOutput-Widget: url of the picture can now also be dynamic
  • new schedex-widget
  • new dropDown-widget
  • new unicode-emoji-icons
  • Timestamp is now optional
  • link button can now also be configured as an external link
  • Map and flot widget also possible modally
  • better selection of "no icon"
  • improved state handling
  • extensive code update