minuVis on your own server

by SVallant on 14.04.2020

minuVis was developed in order to be able to operate a cloud-free visualization in your own SmartHome environment.
The installation is described here.

  • minuVis-webapp on github

  1. Download minuVis-webapp from Github (minuvis-webapp.iobroker-VX.X.X.zip)
  2. extract alle files on your webserver in a new folder minuvis/app
  3. index.html must be reachable by the address http://your_webserver/minuvis/app/index.html
  4. go to minukodu Builder
  5. create configuration with Builder, press preview in new tab on Builder
    and you see a similar link like this:
  6. replace builder.minukodu.de with your own webserver name
  7. Thats it, now you can buid your pages in you own server. Have fun!

You can also host your own Builder: